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How to Grow Your Twitter Following

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how to grow your twitter following

With more than 1.3 billion registered users from all over the world, Twitter remains one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms today. According to the recent statistics, over 100 million users choose to visit the social network every single day.

It’s worth noting that the total number of Twitter visitors is constantly growing. All that means that Twitter provides entrepreneurs and online marketers with great business advertising opportunities. Obviously, a lot of people are interested in promoting their businesses on Twitter these days.

How to grow your Twitter following? How to get more Twitter followers? In fact, these kinds of questions are frequently asked by those people who want to advertise their products and services on Twitter. Of course, you need to have a solid strategy to grow your Twitter following and take your business to the next level. Here are 10 tips to help you get more Twitter followers and grow your business successfully.

1) Take Advantage of Your LinkedIn Contacts

It’s crucial for you to know that you can make use of your LinkedIn contacts to get more Twitter followers. Therefore, if you have a lot of contacts on LinkedIn then you can easily find them on Twitter and follow. Without a doubt, most of your LinkedIn contacts will follow you back. As a result, you’ll be able to grow your Twitter following dramatically.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn provides its users with a wonderful option that allows them to export their LinkedIn contacts into the .CSV file. Afterwards, you can import LinkedIn contacts from the .CSV file to Twitter easily and quickly.

2) Use Your Email Marketing List to Get More Twitter Followers

Do you use an email marketing technique to promote your business and have a large database of emails? If so, you need to know that most of your email contacts can easily become your Twitter followers. All that you need to do is to add a link to your Twitter profile to each of your emails. By doing this, you will be able to promote your Twitter profile quickly and effectively and get more Twitter followers.

3) Use Your Website and Blog to Promote Your Twitter Profile

Keep in mind that your website as well as blog can be successfully used to promote your Twitter profile. You will certainly get more Twitter followers if you place a link to your Twitter profile on homepage of your website. You should also provide a link to your Twitter profile at the bottom of each article published on your blog. So, people will be able to follow you on Twitter.

4) Guest Posting is a Good Way to Grow Your Twitter Following

It’s no surprise that guest posting is an effective link building technique. On the other hand, you can use guest posting to grow your Twitter following. Don’t forget to include a link to your Twitter profile in each of your guest posts. This will certainly help you increase visibility of your Twitter profile and get more Twitter followers.

5) Provide People with Interesting Tweets on a Regular Basis

It goes without saying that people often choose to follow Twitter accounts which are updated with interesting tweets. That means that if you provide people with interesting content on Twitter regularly then the number of your Twitter followers will constantly grow.

6) You Should Tweet at the Right Time

As previously mentioned, updating Twitter account with interesting content is a key to successful business promotion on Twitter and growing Twitter following. However, you’ll be able to get even more Twitter followers if you update your Twitter account at the right time. Don’t be afraid to make experiments. By doing this you’ll be able to find the best time for updating your Twitter profile. If you tweet at the right time you’ll manage to get the most out of your business promotion on Twitter.

7) It’s a Good Idea to Use Hashtags for Optimizing Your Tweets

Hashtags will help you attract people with similar interests to your tweets. Once people with the same interests find your tweets they may also decide to follow your Twitter profile. Without a doubt, adding hashtags to tweets will help you grow your Twitter following significantly. So, don’t forget to add hashtags to each of your tweets.

8) Optimize Your Tweets for Relevant Keywords

Oftentimes, tweets rank well in search engines. Keep in mind that search engines can generate high amounts of targeted traffic to your Twitter profile if you optimize your tweets for search successfully. Obviously, you need to make your tweets relevant to keyword phrases which are used by your prospects. By doing so, you’ll manage to maximize your Twitter promotion efforts.

9) Make Sure that You Have Followed Each of Your Followers on Twitter

Have you noticed that somebody have followed you on Twitter? If so, you should also follow this person as soon as possible. The reality is a lot of people, who follow you on Twitter, want to be followed back. That means that if you don’t follow your new followers back they may unfollow you in the nearest future.

10) Hootsuite Will Help You Promote Your Business on Twitter

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of using tools like Hootsuite for promoting businesses on Twitter and many other social media platforms. It’s important to note that using tools like Hootsuite delivers multiple important benefits to social media promotion experts. What is great about using Hootsuite for Twitter promotion is that this tool allows you to schedule your tweets and post them automatically. Finally, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and get more Twitter followers. Hootsuite provides social media promotion experts with many other great features and make their lives much easier.

Do you want to get more Twitter followers to promote your business on Twitter successfully? We can help you with that! If you would like to find out how we can help you grow your Twitter following, please contact Simplicity Marketing LLC today!

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