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How to Use Video in Content Marketing

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video in content marketingVideo plays a big role in an effective content marketing strategy. Video can be perfectly used to describe the benefits of the product or service. Obviously, people like to watch videos. The point is that it is better for them to watch videos rather than to read texts. On the other hand, videos stimulate people to purchase products and services and have a huge impact on brand development strategy of your business.

It goes without saying that high quality videos will make a huge contribution to your content marketing strategy. That’s why a lot of businesses choose to use video for promoting their products and services successfully. Have you decided to benefit from using video in content marketing? It is a good idea! Today, we will tell you how to use video in content marketing.

Benefits of Using Video in Content Marketing

– People give a preference to content with video. The statistical data show that about 64% of online shoppers prefer to buy product or service after viewing the video about it. The resent researches suggest that if a website has video users spend 88% more time on it comparing to sites which don’t have video. As it has been estimated, approximately 74% of all internet traffic will be generated by video in 2017. Obviously, it makes sense to add video to content.

– Video content has higher conversion rate. Video allows online buyers to understand the competitive advantages of the product or service. So, they will probably make a purchase after watching the video about it. There is no doubt the conversion rate of your site will increase dramatically if you include video in its content.

– Video content increases the popularity of your brand. Without a doubt, video will make your brand more popular. People will definitely remember your brand if they watch a lot of videos about it. Finally, your website will become a powerful brand development tool for your business.

– Video content will make your business more competitive. Video content will provide your business with numerous competitive advantages. People will see the benefits of your products and services, remember your brand and will share videos about your business in social networks.

You can use video to provide the answers to questions about your business which are frequently asked by your clients and prospects. It goes without saying that video will make your business more competitive and will help you stand out stand out of the crowd!

Tips on How to Use Video in Content Marketing

– Setup the goals of your video content. It is very important to determine the purposes of your content marketing strategy. Would you like to use video to support your customers? Do you want to use video for advertising your business and promoting your brand successfully? In one way or another, you need to setup the goals of your content marketing strategy in advance. Later, you will need to make huge efforts and do your best to achieve your content marketing goals.

– Choose the video of the right type for your business. In fact, there are different types of videos which are used in content marketing. Depending on your goals, you need to choose the video of the right type for your content marketing strategy.

– Produce high quality videos. The success of your video content depends on the quality of your video significantly. Make sure that your video is interesting and brings value to people. Of course, you should show the competitive advantages of your products and services in your video. Keep in mind that you need to create high quality video for your business. So, it is a good idea to make use of professional video production services.

– Your video must include a Call-to-Action. It is not enough to produce effective videos and add them to content in order to start selling products and services successfully. You need to stimulate your potential customers to purchase your products or services as well. That means that all of your videos must also include a call-to-action.

How to Promote Your Video Content Effectively

– Download your video on YouTube. Have you decided to create video for your business promotion? It is a good idea! Is your video ready? If so, it is time to make it available on YouTube. As it is known, YouTube is a very popular website that can drive high amount of targeted traffic to your online business. People will watch your videos and will come to your website. Of course, video about your products and services on YouTube will be a good addition to the online marketing strategy of your business.

– Optimize your video for search engines. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that YouTube content is indexed by search engines. That means that YouTube videos can generate high amounts of targeted traffic to your site and help you attract a lot of potential clients to your business. Nevertheless, you need to optimize your YouTube videos for the necessary keywords effectively. If your video is interesting then you will definitely manage to attract high amounts of traffic to your website from search engines.

– Promote your video in social media successfully. As mentioned earlier, people like to share great videos in popular social networks. Of course, online business owners can take advantage of promoting their videos in social media.

First of all, you need to make sure that your video content is socially sharable. It is worth saying that YouTube provides people with the perfect opportunity to share its videos in all popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. However, if you host videos on your site then you certainly need to add social media sharing buttons to your videos. Obviously, adding social sharing icons will help you promote your videos effectively.

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