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Marketing With A Higher Purpose

Creating a legacy one life at a time.

In November of 2008 Carl Willis founded a ministry that is dedicated to equipping church leaders in Africa and Asia to better serve their local communities.   Carl chose to take no salary from the ministry, but instead committed to supporting it through commercial enterprise instead of a donation based model.   It was from this vision that the foundations of Simplicity Marketing LLC were laid.

There are four primary purposes that guide Simplicity Marketing LLC:

  1. Create a funding mechanism for the ministry work in Africa and Asia.
  2. Create a means of financial support for the church planters and pastors in lieu of traditional donation based models.
  3. Fund missions projects throughout the world with emphasis on education, clean water and health care.
  4. Provide small business opportunities to those who are rebuilding their lives after a major setback.

It is this greater purpose that drives us to provide the highest level of service to our clients and business partners.

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