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Furthering Your Marketing Education

furthering your marketing education
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Let’s face it, the amount of business training and instruction provided in schools isn’t exactly above par. Often times, business instruction is minimal and covers only the most basic topics. You may have graduated without the right kinds of real, practical education that your business needs to survive. If primary education failed you or was so long ago that much of what you learned has become stale, how will you continue and better your education going forward?

Options to Learn Marketing?

Many people’s primary business education comes from a handful of classes they took in high school, some have the added experience they gained in college. However, there are not always institutional options available to everyone to learn more than a basic and general knowledge of business. Even when these options are available, they do not always come with the necessary experience and in-depth learning opportunities to make the knowledge both applicable and executable. So what do you do if you’re a young adult that never had those opportunities? What do you do if you’re middle-aged or older and keep finding yourself hit with educational roadblocks?

Collegiate or University Learning

The typical next option, for both those with prior business knowledge and those without, would be to either continue on or return, to a college or university. For some, this is the logical next step. If you are a returning student, or someone entering college for the first time, then this option can be most applicable. In college, you will have hands-on encounters with professors and business experts who are trained not only in business but in teaching it to others. A downside of choosing to start or return to a college or university is that you will most likely be faced with the high cost of attending such an institution. This hurts especially if you a returning student, working and possibly even providing for a family. The time commitment of attending school either part or full time also adds up as hours are spent each week in class, and hours more are spent studying, completing homework, and preparing for the next class period. There is also a lack of control over the individual lessons being taught by a professor or faculty member. You cannot pick and choose which aspects of business you want to learn from, rather you are pushed to select a general major and learn an umbrella of topics under that major. This can prove to be frustrating when you are seeking specific knowledge or hands-on experience. Especially if you are already deep into a career and are just looking to sharpen your existing skills.

Hands-on Experience

Another method of learning marketing would be to search for hands-on experience. This can be done in many ways. However, for the sake of this article, we will focus on two specific means of learning from and/or gaining experience. These two means are to either select and learn from a mentor who has learned and utilized the knowledge you are seeking, or to try and find a job that will teach you these concepts and lessons through the day to day requirements and duties. Both options provide direct access to the real-life application of marketing concepts, and both have the potential to be great learning opportunities. However, there are also drawbacks to both options as well.


A mentor can be a terrific resource if selected carefully and accurately. Mentors offer both personal insights from their own lives, as well as insights into the lives of those they have established personal connections with. Mentors can be a great means of instruction, or even as a resource with which to sharpen one’s already acquired skills. However, mentors may not be readily available for beginners or those looking to take their basic knowledge in a more specific step. It can also be difficult to identify who might make a great mentor. With so many “marketing gurus” found on the web, it can be difficult to sift through who is and is not living up to their claims. Once a mentor is found, it may also be difficult to organize meetings and to learn from them from scratch. After all, the role of a mentor is primarily to guide and act as a sounding board, not to instruct completely; the last thing you want to do is tarnish a relationship with a mentor by trying to force them into being your hand-holding teacher.

On the Job Learning

On the job learning is a great way to understand the process of marketing from a hands-on perspective. However, if you do not already possess the knowledge and skills required to attain a higher-level marketing job, then this may be a difficult option for trying to learn those skills. Rather, on the job learning is a much more efficient means of putting those skills to the test. Whether working for yourself or for a larger company, on the job learning is a great way to take what you have learned and refine that knowledge to produce results.

Online Marketing Courses

Fortunately, there is a greater option for those seeking to gain in-depth and accurate knowledge of the rules, practices, and potential of marketing. The advent of the information age makes knowledge in all areas of study vastly more attainable. There are hundreds, if not thousands of sources of instruction and education in regard to business, and marketing is no exception. Online Marketing Courses are a phenomenal way to learn from experts at a fraction of the cost of attending a college or attaining a mentor, and often with the same quality of information and expertise. Online Marketing Courses provide practical knowledge surrounding many different aspects of marketing. So, whether you are seeking the knowledge required to start-up online or network marketing ventures, or you are seeking to start a more practical, local marketing venture, online marketing courses possess the knowledge you are looking for. They are much more affordable than a college or university course and can be tailored to your specific needs. Online Marketing Courses can be taken at your leisure and walked through at your own pace. But what exactly are Online Marketing Courses?

What are Online Marketing Courses?


Online Marketing Courses are the 21st Century equivalent to having the professor come to you and teach you specifically the information that you are searching for. An Online Marketing Course acts as a personal tutor that instructs you and assists you according to your personal time constraints and needs. These courses provide both the knowledge and the application that you are searching for. Regardless of how broad or how narrow you want to categorize your learning, there are online marketing courses to fit your needs. These courses work by simplifying the teaching process and eliminating much of the fluff that comes with generalized business education. By focusing on specific marketing principles, tools, and processes, each online marketing course is designed to be compact and to focus on specific areas. This doesn’t mean that they become too complex, but rather the information is taught in a way that anyone can grasp and enact on those concepts, regardless of their prior level of expertise and training.

Are you someone who is searching for a way to learn new information quickly and effectively? Are you tired of sifting through massive online resources just to find one nugget of information that is applicable to your business or marketing needs? Then look no further than an online marketing course. These courses cover dozens of varying topics and can quickly equip any marketing rookie or novice with the necessary tools and information that they need to succeed.


What types of online marketing courses are available to me? Where do I go to look for these courses? What can I possibly have to gain from instruction via the internet?

There are dozens of online marketing courses available from a variety of reliable sources and designed by reliable experts. Categories can be broad, such as “How to Make Money Online” or “How to Market via Social Media”. However, categories can also be extremely specific with topics such as “Facebook Marketing 3.0” or “YouTube Marketing Made Easy”. So, there is a wide spectrum of topics that are covered via online marketing courses from a variety of sources. Whatever topics or specific knowledge you are looking for, there are online marketing courses available to fit your every need.

It is also important to understand what these courses consist of, and how you can learn from each course in your own way. There is no cookie-cutter method of teaching every to the best of their ability, and that is why the diversity of online course types and structure can be very helpful when learning a new skill. There are courses targeted for auditory learners, visual learners, lecture-style learners, and every type of learning in between. Many courses also come with a variety of options available. For instance, the majority of courses offered through Simplicity Marketing LLC come equipped with videos, audio files, and written transcripts of the knowledge being imparted. These courses also offer fully illustrated documents that come with visual statistics and examples in order to make the information pop out and be easy to recall. Whatever your learning needs are, there is an online marketing course molded to your specifications.


What uses do I have for online marketing? Why do I need to utilize the internet any differently than I or my business does now? What is the practical application of purchasing an online marketing course?

While there are many different reasons why someone may seek out and utilize an online marketing course, the general uses for them are somewhat constant the same. An online marketing course is simply an investment in your business. Whether you manufacture specific products, sell premade goods, or provide a service to your clients, you are constantly needing to seek out further clients in order for the business to grow. In order to do this, you must call on one of two options. Either you can invest in someone within your business to focus on marketing and bringing in new customers/clients, or you can enter into an agreement with a marketing company and have them do the hard work for you. Depending on where you live and the state of your business, one of these options may seem better or worse than the other. However, for many small businesses and start-ups, there isn’t always a budget to hire out for marketing services. Thus, the better option for the time being, and results depending possible even the long-term, is to invest in someone to attain the knowledge and skills required to market your business.

Online marketing courses are a great place to start when searching for how to further your business’ reach and bring in new clients. By engaging with both basic and complex concepts, you are able to expose yourself to the core mechanics of marketing. By doing this, you can make more efficient and accurate investments with your marketing. This brings in new clients and often retains old ones, allowing your business to flourish. All of this can happen by simply taking the time to invest in yourself and in the knowledge that will take your business to the next level.


Online marketing courses are a growing utility in many businesses. Whether you are considering purchasing online marketing courses for your sake or for the sake of someone else in your business, the benefits of such a course far outweigh any conceivable negatives. These courses are designed to make the most out of the tools available to you and to push your business to its maximum potential. Take advantage of the ease of access to information that is available through the internet. The resources available through this medium are nearly limitless, along with the potential that your business has when utilizing them properly. So, whether you are searching for ways to improve your social media presence, or you are looking to better understand search engine algorithms and mechanics; look no further than an online course.


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