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Online Marketing Tools You Can’t Afford Not to Use

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Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing has never been easier. The internet and your cell-phone offer you an unprecedented number of marketing tools at your disposal. Videos, social media, and even SEO have never been easier to monitor and manage. For your benefit, we’ve compiled this list of social media tools that you can’t afford not to be using. Many of these tools are not only used by Simplicity Marketing LLC, but also recommended by leading experts such as Neil Patel.


Personalize video has never been easier than with Animoto. Animoto is a media customization service that lets you create unique videos that match your brand. The service offers a plethora of stylistic options to create advertisements that are unique to you and that will stand out in the mind of your customers. Animoto offers an intuitive design that allows you to create captivating video in a matter of minutes with no editing know-how required. The best part is, Animoto videos integrate spectacularly with most major social media platforms!


Presentations need to pop. If you are trying to attract new customers or even new partners, you need to be able to wow them while informing them about what your company has to offer. Prezi is designed to give your presentations pizzazz. Presi isn’t just another PowerPoint knockoff, it’s a tool designed to make your presentations as immersive as possible. With customizable templates and formats readily available, Presi can help you wow your audience with the most engaging presentation possible.


Ever had a very specific question you needed to be answered? Don’t trust the input of a random, unverifiable user on Reddit? Quora is designed to put your questions in front of real, authenticated experts. Quora lets you ask your questions, no matter how specific. However, what really makes Quora stand out from the competition is the users that answer your questions. Quora is a hub for experts in countless industries and specializations, and they answer your questions with their credentials, not from behind a vague username.


Are you an expert in every subject? The odds are, you are not. There are simply too many topics and subjects out there for the average person to be much more than a jack of all trades, but master of none. Fortunately, Quuu is there to help. Quuu provides quality content for your social media platforms, that you don’t have to create. Instead, Quuu has a vast library of thoroughly verified content that can be personalized for your business. No more skimming Wikipedia pages for ideas, let Quuu queue your content for you!


Do you often forget when to update your business’ social media page during the week? Buffer is designed for you. Buffer is a tool that schedules your social media activity like no other service can. This service integrates with most major social media platforms and lets you customize and schedule content across platforms. As an added bonus, Buffer also integrates with other well-known tools and apps such as Quuu. Let Buffer remember when to post so you can focus on expanding your business.

If This Then That

Social Media is interactive, and not everything can be scheduled. With billions of users interacting with each other, it’s important that you have systems in place to attend to social media when you regularly can’t. Fortunately, If This Then That (IFTTT) is there to help you manage the minutia of social media. IFTTT creates a list of reactions that you can customize between your social media apps. For example, you can get notifications when certain keywords or tags are used by an account. You can track whenever your accounts are mentioned, and plenty more!


A common problem among entrepreneurs and internet marketers is a lack of education and training in graphic design. The common programs such as Photoshop are often too complex for most entrepreneurs to sit down and train with. Fortunately, Canva is here to make image creation and design simple. Similar to Animoto, Canva is loaded with templates and design formats that can be customized to fit your brand and your business. Don’t let your posts just be text, get started creating captivating images with Canva today!

Viral Content Bee

Social content is necessary for the success of any business or marketing strategy. Viral Content Bee is a tool designed to boost your social content and promote it across social media platforms. This service allows you to put your content in front of social media influencers who are most likely to share it using their own profile(s) on popular social media platforms. Viral Content Bee helps you create targeted promotions to reach your intended audience with the greatest success.


The Facebook app offers you the tools and connectivity of Facebook from the palm of your hand. You can manage pages, reply to comments, and create new posts without ever having to boot up your PC. The Facebook app even lets you customize, edit, and schedule posts on the go. Make sure that you are constantly connected to your ads and your audience by utilizing the Facebook app today.

Facebook Messenger

Working in conjunction with the Facebook App, Facebook Messenger lets you stay more intimately connected to your followers and potential customers. Facebook Messenger lets customers and inquisitors ask questions directly, and it lets you answer them in real-time. Facebook Messenger also lets you send template messages automatically when you aren’t available right away. Let your customers feel heard and cared for by utilizing Facebook Messenger form your phone.

Brand 24

Wish you could be notified every time someone mentioned your brand on social media? Thankfully, Brand 24 is here to make that wish come true. Brand 24 keeps track of the notifications you simply don’t have enough time to monitor manually. Brand 24 identifies when users interact with your brand and allows you to send templated or customized responses right away. This lets users feel noticed and their issues recognized by your business.

Rival IQ

Gather up to date insights on multiple social media platforms can be difficult. Making sense of that gathered information can be even harder. Fortunately, Rival IQ is there to make the metrics process simple. Rival IQ gathers data on your social media interactions and even your specified competitors. This service lets you analyze strengths and weaknesses so that you can get your social media platforms on track for success.


Most URLs aren’t flashy, especially the ones automatically generated by social media platforms. These clunky URLs are difficult for users to remember and aren’t as successful when it comes to generating new clicks and leads. Bit.ly exists to beautify these clunky URLs and shorten them into attractive, customizable links. Give users attractive, concise links that they want to click on by taking advantage of bit.ly today!


Tired of retreading over the same topics and subjects over and over? Don’t know what content to create next? BuzzSumo is a tool designed to help deal with those problems. BuzzSumo monitors what’s hot in your industry and what’s buzzy on social media. It also links you with the top influencers addressing those topics. BuzzSumo is your first step in engaging with new topics, ideas, and content. Most importantly, BuzzSumo keeps your business and your posts relevant in a fast-paced, internet landscape.

Post Planner

Social Media isn’t all business. It’s important that your pages and profiles play as much as they work. However, it can be difficult trying to catch onto the latest trends before they’re has-beens. Post Planner exists to help you identify and latch onto viral social media trends in your own unique way. Post Planner monitors what’s “Hot” on the internet and recommends topic ideas that you can personalize for maximum user engagement on any number of your social media profiles.


Customer Service is arguably the most essential aspect of your business. It is the aspect that customers expect to get the most from. It is also the aspect of your business that users are most likely to have extreme reactions to. When people have a problem, they want a decent answer, and quickly. Reply is here to link your customer service team to your social media mentions. This means that you can meet upset followers before they go on a rant and publicly address their problem. This not only helps public image but helps your business retain customers even when things go wrong.


Email is not outdated. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your business only needs a social media inbox. MailChimp is here to keep your business relevant in the email world. MailChimp allows you to quickly build a following from the ground up. With customizable email options and formats, MailChimp can start your mailing list with minimal hassle. Keep users up to date and in contact with your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by subscribing them to your MailChimp lists.


AWeber is very similar to MailChimp. However, AWeber offers some more advanced and in-depth tools than those available to the newly entrepreneurial user on MailChimp. AWeber also allows you to manage existing mailing lists, create new ones, and to run marketing campaigns with more potential than ever before. Keep your customers engaged constantly with your business and the new and exciting things that it is doing. AWeber gives you the tools to automate your email initiatives and hold onto your place in the customer’s spotlight.


Consider Hubspot your swiss army knife solution to your marketing problems. Hubspot helps you learn and implement strategies for blogging, SEO, website management, social media, analytics and more all from one convenient central location. Hubspot allows you to compartmentalize tasks and become a master of online marketing without having to rely on dozens of sources and outlets for additional information.


PayPal helps your business get paid. In a world filled with dozens of cash sharing and payment services, you may assume PayPal to be a thing of the past. That couldn’t be further from the truth. PayPal is still a top dog in the world of online payments and transfers. Best of all, it’s secure and it has a history of protecting its users’ information online.

Google Analytics

Analysis is a cornerstone of all successful online initiatives. You need to know what your competition knows and what your potential customers know. More importantly, you also need to know what they don’t. Google Analytics provides you with the comprehensive insights you need to evaluate your marketing strategies and your business’ success. Best of all, Google Analytics works with your paid advertisements on Google and helps you directly access your business’s search page performance.

All in One SEO Pack

Search Engine Optimization is a necessary aspect of all online marketing platforms. Your content needs to meet the standards set by Google’s search algorithms or you will not have success on Google’s search pages. Fortunately, the All in One SEO Pack accesses your content for you. This plugin works with WordPress and several other hosting websites to evaluate your content and guide you through search engine optimization.


If you don’t have Twitter, you are missing out on one of the most successful and viral social media platforms. Working with most of the tools and plugins listed above, Twitter is the perfect place to interact with users and jump onboard with the latest viral trends. Twitter lets you update the world about your business with concise, to the point content that is easily sharable between millions of users.


Marketing doesn’t have to be done manually. There are hundreds of tools and programs available to your business with the sole purpose of growing your audience and making your brand more accessible. You don’t have to manage your internet presence post by post. You don’t even have to do all of your own research. Utilize these tools listed above to increase your engagement, up your interaction, and skyrocket your marketing success on the web.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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