SEO Tips You May Be Forgetting


If you operate a business and manage a website on its behalf, odds are that you want that website to achieve results. Without visitors, your website is useless. There are several facets that can be used to drive traffic towards your website. A strong social media presence can naturally lead to more website clicks, especially […]

Creating Effective Written Content


Content is key for any internet marketing endeavors. Regardless of what industry you are a part of, how large your business is, and who your customers are, you need regular content uploads. Many businesses struggle to realize the key role that written content plays in your content marketing, social media, and search engine marketing strategies. […]

Content Marketing Basics

content marketing

What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is a cycle. It is the process by which content is produced for your business, blog, or website. This content establishes your brand which further content helps market. The content helps establish the brand, the brand produces more content, and that content markets the brand further. Content Marketing relies […]

Social Media Marketing vs Search Engine Marketing

marketing written word by word on sticky notes

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are not the same thing. This leads many people to wonder which marketing method they should prioritize, as well as whether or not they should even bother with one method if they are already finding success with the other. The fact of the matter is that […]

Internet Marketing Myths


Internet Marketing is a complex strategy for growth. Through many different facets such as business websites, social media, SEO, and dozens of other collaborative factors, your business is able to reach and sell towards a greater and greater audience. Because internet marketing is such a rich and complex topic, there are an abundance of myths […]

Branding 101

brand written on a laptop screen

What is a Brand? A brand is almost simultaneous with a business’s identity. Your business’s brand is what others perceive to be your business as. At the same time, your brand helps identify your business, products, and services. Brands should be managed carefully, though they are often difficult to manage completely. The issue here is […]

Mobile Website Optimization

tablet, laptop and smartphone

When designing a website, whether through a service or independently, many first-time business owners aren’t sure of whether to prioritize a mobile friendly or a traditional desktop site. First off, it is important to understand the differences between Desktop and Mobile sites. From there this article will cover both the need for a mobile version […]

Twitter Marketing 101

Twitter Marketing 101

Twitter Marketing 101 Twitter is an interesting social network to say the least. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter focuses less on the life updates aspect of social media and is more about sharing thoughts and opinions. This doesn’t mean that Twitter cannot be used to market your business, but it means that Twitter needs to […]

Instagram Marketing 101

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is different from other social media platforms in the sense that words become nearly obsolete in your posts. While post titles and descriptions are important, Instagram is primarily focused on the visual aspect of your content and how others perceive it. While photographs are important on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they are […]

How to Market on Facebook

Facebook marketing

Facebook is the largest social media platform. With over 2.7 Billion users, if you are not using Facebook, then you are missing out. Social Media grows increasingly pertinent in the operation and marketing of any business. If your business isn’t already using Facebook or is struggling to find results through the site, then you may […]

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