Marketing Across Social Media

Marketing Across Social Media This is the age of social media. If you are not putting concerted effort toward reaching new and existing customers via social media, you are not giving your business its best opportunity. Social Media Marketing is a critical component of any marketing strategy for any business regardless of its age or […]

Leverage Your Marketing

Leverage Your Marketing Leverage is an essential aspect of any business strategy. You need to know the strength of your business, the power of your assets, and how you are going to stack them in order to overpower or outshine the competition. Leverage is about developing a keen understanding of the parts of the machine […]

Refining Your Target Demographic


What is Your Target Demographic? What is your target demographic? Who is a part of your audience? Who will your product serve best? When creating and implementing your marketing plan it is crucial that you have an idea in mind of who you will be selling to. Many novice marketers make the critical mistake of […]

Diversifying Your Business With Purpose

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How diversified is your business? This can be a very loaded question depending on how you look at it. However, the trials and tribulations of the past year have caused many business owners and entrepreneurs to ask themselves and their friends this question. Odds are, you will ask and answer it very differently from the […]

What Shape Are Your Marketing Strategies In?

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How do you know if your business is running successfully? Is there a specific sign or dollar amount that will let you know? Once you know whether your business is running successfully or not, it can be difficult to determine exactly what aspect(s) of your business is failing and which is succeeding. Often times, our […]

Utilizing YouTube Effectively

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YouTube is a social media site unlike most others. While YouTube does have ample room for two-sided interaction between content creators and followers, YouTube is primarily a unidirectional social media platform. In this regard, the platform caters primarily to content creators, who generate videos for users. Users then view the media and may comment with […]

SEO Updates for 2020


The state of web traffic flow and direction is always fluctuating. As Google continues to adapt and create new algorithms and as users continue to break ground with new websites and an increasing flow of content, the standards of web design and content creation will continue to grow and change. This means that the internet […]

Increasing Web Traffic

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If you own a business, you are probably always looking for new outlets with which to increase traffic to your website. You are not alone. Every business has its struggles in getting new and greater amounts of visitors to click on a link and visit their website. On top of that, many people also struggle […]

More Marketing Tips


Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Is your business struggling to grow? Don’t worry, your business is experiencing the same trials that every start-up has ever faced. Fortunately, there are dozens of resources and outlets available to guide you through the trials of working for yourself. This article is here to help you […]

Answering Frequently Asked Marketing Questions


Marketing isn’t always a straightforward topic. While the basics of marketing are generally easy to grasp, many new business owners struggle with rolling out effective marketing strategies of their own. To make matters worse, many of these business owners don’t even know where to begin when it comes to marketing their business. Fortunately, the internet […]

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