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Facebook Mistakes

Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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top Facebook marketing mistakesFacebook promotion is a good way to land more new clients and increase your sales dramatically. For this reason, Facebook advertising has to be a key part of your business marketing strategy. It’s worth noting that Facebook marketing is not as easy as it may seem. The reality is that business owners often times make Facebook marketing mistakes that negatively affect their businesses. So, if you are going to market your business on Facebook it’s crucial for you to know these mistakes. Here are top Facebook marketing mistakes that you need to avoid.

1) Using the Same Strategy for All-Types of Businesses

One of top Facebook marketing mistakes is that entrepreneurs (or online marketers) use the same strategy for different types of businesses. It’s important to know that every business is different. Therefore, businesses need to be promoted in different ways.

In other words, if a Facebook marketing strategy works well for one business then it could be not so effective for other types of businesses. That means that you need to develop a Facebook promotion strategy for each type of business individually.

2) Not Updating a Facebook Page on Regular Basis

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of updating a Facebook business page regularly. You need to know that consistency is the key in Facebook marketing. If you don’t update your Facebook page with fresh content on a regular basis people will return back to your site and forget about your business quickly.

Obviously, you need to update your business Facebook page at the right time! In order to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts you should perform the detailed research and create your buyer persona in advance. By doing so, you’ll manage to avoid many Facebook marketing mistakes. However, the most important thing is that you’ll target the right audience.

A lot of online marketing experts also highlight the importance of updating Facebook business page at the right time. Therefore, you should try experimenting to figure out the time when your target audience is the most active on Facebook.

3) Not Providing the Detailed Information about Business on Facebook Page

First of all, you need to provide your prospects with the detailed information about your business on your Facebook page. Afterwards, you will have to successfully promote your Facebook page and build audience for your business. If you don’t provide the detailed information about your business you’ll not get a lot of sales even if your Facebook marketing strategy is very effective.

4) Sharing Low Quality Content on Facebook Page

Keep in mind that the success of your Facebook promotion strategy so much depends on the quality of your content. Obviously, your content has to add value to readers. So, it’s incredibly important for you to provide the content that your target audience is eager to read.

Of course, no one likes to read duplicate content. That’s why you always have to provide your target audience with unique content. There is no doubt that content shared on your Facebook page has to be interesting, original and easy-to-read.

5) Publishing Facebook Posts without Images or Videos

It’s widely known that images as well as videos help grab attention of readers. That means that you always need to share content with images and videos on your Facebook page. Picking up high quality images is incredibly important for Facebook promotion as well. So, it’s a great idea to hire a professional graphic designer who can create great images for your Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook posts with great images will undoubtedly work well for your business.

6) Providing Too Long Facebook Posts

Providing long Facebook posts is known to be one of widespread Facebook marketing mistakes. The fact is that if you write too long posts on Facebook you make them difficult to read. So, it’s best to write Facebook posts of 80 – 250 words. Such posts are easy to read. You can write even shorter posts for Facebook.

However, if you need to publish longer posts you can take advantage of blogging. Publish a long post on your website’s blog. Afterwards, you need to write a short description of your blog post and share a link to it on your Facebook business page.

7) Buying “Likes” for Web Pages

Buying “Likes” for web pages is one of the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes. The best way to get a lot of “Likes” is to share interesting content on a webpage. On the other hand, if web page’s content is not valuable it will not work well for your business even if a web page has many “Likes”. So, don’t waste your money and time on buying “Likes”!

8) Ignoring Analytics

Studying website analytics can greatly contribute to your Facebook promotion strategy. If you analyze site’s statistics regularly you can easily come up with many great Facebook marketing ideas. For example, you can figure out what type of content works well for your business. Moreover, you’ll manage to find the best time for updating your Facebook business page. Obviously, you should never ignore site’s analytics when promoting your business on Facebook.

9) Not Using “Boost Post” Option

The “Boost Post” option is a good way to promote your Facebook post and make it popular in the social network. You can make use of “Boost Post” option to get a lot of “Likes”, “Shares” and comments for your Facebook posts as well.

The “Boost Post” option helps attract attention of users to your content shared on Facebook. Those who use this option say that they have managed to attract many prospects and sales to their businesses within a short period of time. Without a doubt, “Boost Post” option works well and provides effective results. Therefore, boosting posts has to be a part of your strategy.

10) Violating Facebook’s Rules

It’s important to remember that violating Facebook’s rules may have a huge negative impact on the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaign. That means that you always need to get familiar with Facebook’s terms before to get started with Facebook marketing. Violating Facebook’s rules is one of top Facebook marketing mistakes that you definitely need to avoid.

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